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Discussion Group


Guest Editor in Dialogue and Discourse, Special Edition in Embodied Conversational Systems for Human-Robot

Interaction (Submissions Open until October 2023)


I regularly review papers for journals and conferences in AI and robotics, for a full list of verified reviews visit my Web of Science page.

Organisations and Memberships

Lectures, Talks and Workshops

Special Session - Natural Language in Human-Robot Interaction: NLIiHRI (2022) ACL 

SIGDIAL (2022) Dublin, DialDoc Workshop, 'Commonsense Enhanced Dialogue Generation'.

BBC Science Podcast (2021) Machine Learning for Robotics Lip Synchronisation.

ALIFE (2020) The Multimodal Turing Test, Workshop Lifelike Computing Systems Workshop.

INLG (2020) ChefBot Demo

BBC Radio (2019) Advances in Medical Robotics and AI

BBC Radio (2019) Discussion on Emotion and Sensory Modalities in Robotics

Staffordshire University, Advertisement for the AI and Robotics Course (2019)

Staffordshire University, Promotional Video for Digital Design and Computing Research (2019)

Staffordshire University, Fundamentals of Animation Theory in Animatronics (2019)

Staffordshire University, Practical and Computational Approaches To Interactive Robotic Character Design (2019) 

Staffordshire University, Future of Artificial Intelligence in Social Robots, North China Industry Institute (2019)

Staffordshire University, CDT Research Seminar, Development of 3D Sculpted, Hyper-Realistic Biomimetic Eyes for Humanoid Robots (2018)

Huddersfield University, New Thoughts, and Concepts in Simulacra and Simulation (2016)

D&AD, Spitalfields, London, Actuality, and Artificiality (2014)


PhD Scholarship, Staffordshire University (2019)

SWARM, Japan, Best Paper Nomination (2018)

Masters Scholarship, Huddersfield University (2015)

Professor Sir Patrick Stewart Award for Academic Excellence, Huddersfield University (2014)

Professor Paul Wells Award, Huddersfield University (2014)

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