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Dr Carl Strathearn is interested in creating robots with embodied AI that appear, function and interact like humans. His work in machine learning for robotic lip synchronisation was listed in BBC Science's 13 incredible scientific moments of 2021.

Youtube Channel:

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Creating realistic humanoid robots is significant to humanity as the human face is the most natural interface for conducting face-to-face communication and the human form is the most effective design for using tools and traversing the human-made areas of the planet.


2020 - PhD Humanoid Robotics and AI - Staffordshire University

2016 - MRes -  Advanced Animatronics - Huddersfield University

2015 - B.A Hons Multimedia (AI Pathway) - Huddersfield University


2019 - 2020  Assistant Lecturer, Staffordshire University

2020 - 2023  Research Fellow, Edinburgh Napier University

2018 - 2019  Research Assistant, Staffordshire University

2024 - Lecturer in AI, Edinburgh Napier University


Key Skills

  • 3D Printing, CNC and CAD

  • Electronics, Sensors and Actuators

  • Programming: C++ .C, Java, Python

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms

  • Computer Vision and Image Processing

  • Datasets, Dialogue Modelling and Management

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